It’s been a month since I graduated from The University of Alabama. Honestly, it feels like it’s been much longer. The transition from being a full time student to free-lance working as a photographer/videographer hasn’t been as rough as I imagined.

Currently, I’m working as the Director of Photography on two projects. The first is a low budget feature film named “Doobie Sampson.” The film is definitely out of my area of interest as a writer or director, but taking the role as DP fits me pretty well. The biggest reason why I applied for the job is to prove to myself if I’m capable of shooting a feature length film (1:30 to 2 hours) at my current level.

The second project is a music video for R&B artist, Gifted. The singer has written for Ne-Yo and Jagged Edge as well working with Def Jam and Atlantic Records. He’s looking to start a solo music career, and professor of mine contacted me about my interest in the project. The song is called Superstar. It’s actually really good and if you’re into music you’ve probably heard of the producer, Bei Major. Click on the link above or HERE to listen to it.

Now, one of the traditions I’ve kept up during my tenure at Alabama is photographing or recording graduations at Alabama. Since I was graduating as well, I decided to get friend and colleague, Kevyn Bryant of K.Bryant Images, to help me.

We decided to capture each Greek organization graduating and create a promo video featuring the idea of “The Last Greek Stepshow” since your graduation step is the final event you’ll do as a Greek undergrad.

Along with making the promo video we put together a video for the organizations with graduating members. Here are a few.

Omega Psi Phi

Delta Sigma Theta

Alpha Phi Alpha

Phi Beta Sigma

If you’d like to see more of the videos you can find them on my youtube playlist UA Graduation 2012: The Last Greek Stepshow.

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