August 24th represents the beginning of my last year at The University of Alabama. I’d be lying if I said the anticipation of graduating isn’t haunting my brain. I’m ready and it seems like everyone around me can tell.

Still, I take a step back every day and remind myself to treat life like a winding stairwell, one foot at a time. I’m looking towards the future, but there is plenty of work to finish now.

This summer I was given the opportunity to shoot my first wedding. The results were absolutely phenomenal. It’s never easy walking into unknown territory as a filmmaker. A new challenge always feels like a mixture of fright and steady anticipation. This never stops me from accomplishing my goal.

Joseph and Brittany Bradley are friends. They are individuals above the meandering crop of every-day folk. I’m not saying they are better than anyone else. I am pointing out their day to day outlook on life is the embodiment of our nostalgic ideals of the world. They’re the couple you want to be. ¬†This isn’t because of monetary stature or position. At their core they are just good people.

That’s why I enjoyed every moment capturing their memories.

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