Recently, I’ve been working with photographer and graphic artist, Kevyn Bryant, to integrate my portfolio and blog. For this reason,  I’ve been lagging on posting updates on my current work. There’s a good amount of work I want to share, but for this week I’d like you to check out a guest article and feature consisting of my current projects and goals.

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I recently wrote a guest article on website, I Am The Nu Black. Entitled, Journey of a Student Filmmaker Part 5: The Midpoint (you can find the first four parts of the series HERE). I recounted my current time at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, introduced the Sassy Batman Series, and explained why film school may be the right decision for you. Check it out.

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I was recently featured on Backstage for Sassy Batman. The article focuses on the low-budget productions of webseries, and my experience with making and casting them. It’s a good read for individuals interested in adapting existing material for the internet. If you’d like to learn more about me check out my BIO page. To learn about Sassy Batman, you can read up HERE.