Hard work does not guarantee success, but success does not come without hard work.
It’s been a busy month for me. I’m currently working as Director of Photography on a movie known as Doobie Sampson, I finished my role as DP for The Gifted Music video a few weeks ago, and I just finished shooting a music video as DP for singer, Matt Kabus. I’ve never been one to rest. I won’t be starting anytime soon.
I have been shooting a large amount of music videos, but I haven’t been sharing them as frequently as I should. One of my most recent videos was for rap duo, Controversy and Big D. I shot this a few months ago, but never got around to sharing it.

Controversy and Big D hail from Alabama and currently attend UA. Controversy came in with me during the Fall of 2008. It’s been a long time since freshmen year. I would’ve never begun to imagine I’d shoot a music video for one of the better known rappers around campus.

One of the other reasons I’d like to share this is due to the progression I can see in myself. I’m proud of the work I did on Tear It Up, but I’m proud to say my skills have exponentially risen after shooting the upcoming music videos for Gifted and Matt Kabus.

You can find Controversy and Big D on twitter. You can also find the music video for Tear It Up on youtube.