Most people know me through my films or twitter stories, but I’ve tried my best in the past to help others.

Last year, I raised $180,000 for the family of Philando Castile, a man murdered by the police in Minnesota. You can still find the GoFundMe (it’s no longer taking donations) here: #PhilandoCastile Funds for Family

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You can find up to date information on the family and what happened in the “Update” section of the GoFundMe. For the people who already know about the situation, here’s some good news.

The family of Philando are doing well and they’ve started a Philando Castile Relief Foundation that aims to help other families who find themselves the victims of police brutality.



To keep up with the foundation, for the moment, you can go here:

To everyone who donated, thank you. You made a difference in the family’s lives.