On Time is coming to HBO. You’ll be able to watch it on television, HBO Go, and HBO Now.

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Friday, February 10, 5:25PM PT – HBO ZONE EAST
Friday, February 10, 8:25PM PT – HBO ZONE WEST
Saturday, February 11, 12:25AM PT – HBO ZONE EAST
Saturday, February 11, 3:25AM PT – HBO ZONE WEST
Wednesday, February 15, 6:15AM PT – HBO ZONE EAST
Wednesday, February 15, 9:15AM PT – HBO ZONE WEST
Sunday, February 19, 4:40AM PT – HBO ZONE EAST
Sunday, February 19, 7:40AM PT – HBO ZONE WEST
Saturday, February 25, 4:05PM PT – HBO ZONE EAST
Saturday, February 25, 7:05PM PT – HBO ZONE WEST

Starts 2/1/2017

2017 | Drama | 9 minutes | HD
TV14: Adult Content, Adult Language

Unemployed and desperate, a mother living in South Central L.A. is forced to make a dangerous decision for the sake of her child. Inger Tudor stars in this short film. Also with Araija Dacosta, Kevin West, John Marrott, Louis Baker, Jordana Berliner, Kathy Goral, Meredith Riley, Wesley Timmons and Amani Starnes.

Producer: Tim Aster, Tony Ducret, Kendra Cole, Angelica Lopez
Director: Xavier Burgin
Writer: Xavier Burgin, Tiara Marshall