So I’m in New York at the moment. Awesome!

Tomorrow I’ll be interviewing for a position in New York University’s film program. Everything has been coming to fruition. USC admitted me for Spring 2013. UCLA called me back for their second step which is sending them your online portfolio (out of the five schools I applied to they are the only one who asks for an application with no visual attachments, only your personal narrative and ideas). I’m still waiting to hear back from The American Film Institute and Columbia University.

I talk about this a lot, but it’s good to know the dreams I spoke of when I first started this site are the ones I’m living now. I feel like I’m cementing a future for myself, rather than allowing life to ease past me. I hold to a simple mantra; I want to live, not exist.

This wouldn’t be an appropriate Que The Lights post if I didn’t speak about a project I’ve finished as well. I’d like to introduce you to BadStick, a band running the bars around Tuscaloosa. I was approached by their drummer, Colin White, to shoot a promo video for them.

For most productions I’ll link up with my usual crew, but everyone was busy so I decided to give a few of my students a try at shooting. This semester, I’m working as a T.A. (Teacher’s Assistant) in our department’s advanced videography class. I informed the class that anyone interested in getting hands-on experience with DSLRs are welcome to work with me. Two students got on board.

They did a great job. I stayed on the ground with the Canon 5D shooting a constant wide-shot while I allowed them to free-lance across the stage with a Canon T2i.
It’s pretty dope to be a teacher.