New York, New York!

I made it back from The Big Apple last Thursday and I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences I’ve had in a very long time. I’ve lived in a few places: Mississippi, Alabama, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles. I’ve also been able to leave out of country to Belize as well as France for The Cannes Film Festival.

Still, my trip to New York went beyond my expectations. I can honestly say I loved it, even for the small amount of time I was out there. As I stated in my last post, New York University asked me to come out for an interview for their graduate film program. They told me a phone or skype interview would suffice if I couldn’t make the trip, but I wanted them to understand how serious I am about this opportunity.

I ended up speaking to the faculty and administrators that helped me raise the money to go to Hollywood for the CampusMovieFest finale. They once again helped me gain the amount necessary for my plane ticket and hotel. Everything was set!

The interview was very interesting. I spoke with the Dean of the program and two current professors. They didn’t focus on the technical stills I have. Instead, they focused on my ability to create a story, my background as a African-American from the south, and what kind of stories I wanted to craft. They even put me on the spot, and made me come with an impromptu scene for a feature length film based on my experiences in New York. Overall, the interview wasn’t a grill session. They were genuinely interested in my character, the person who I am.

After the interview, I had a day and a half to scour the city and figure out whether I could see myself living there. In this case, I decided against bringing my cameras with me. It would’ve been an extra bag on the flight, and I didn’t want to stand out as a tourist. The last part was negated as I furiously took snapshots with my Iphone to cover my experience.

I’m not going to inundate you with a thousand pictures, but I actually sifted through them and found a few I really like.

This Year, Do What You Want




Rainy Day

Times Square

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