It’s time you checked out my latest film, Mr. Hall’s Interview!

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Dan Hall, an African-American war veteran, goes in for an interview for an account position at a firm.

In 2016, African-American people of all walks of life still find themselves disproportionately affected by discrimination in the workplace. While it is illegal to discriminate, employers know how to avoid African-Americans without blatantly breaking the law.

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Dom Jones from Blavity brings up necessary points about hiring and workplace discrimination.

How many of us have felt the pressure of taking care of ourselves versus standing up against discrimination? This is an important conversation that should spark action. As we continue to fight back against systemic and institutional racism, we have to include topics such as this. While conversations around diversity happen, they must include honest discussions around cultural competence and the bias that precludes many of us from being hired for positions that we’re imminently qualified for or even overqualified for. Many of us will say that it’s a shame that we’re still having this conversation, but we must continue to speak out, and follow up those words with actions.

Mr. Halls Interview Poster

The response has been amazing, I’m also very happy about the subsequent dialogue that’s been sparked via twitter.

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