Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

It’s been a lot going on recently. I’m graduating film school this semester, I’m going into post-production on my next film, and I’m finishing up the second draft of my feature script. It’s a lot, but I’m excited to finish up my time at USC with strong work under my belt. So I wanted to take out the time share my latest piece.

Texas has always been the “can’t get right” state. In many cases, it’s where we see a lot of bad things happen in America, but did you know Texas is unsafe for every single child in America. Why? The Texas Board of Education. The TBoE has a trump card, America’s textbooks. Our nations textbooks for primary and high school education mostly come from Texas. So if TBoE changes something in their curriculum, it gets changed across the world. Guess what their number one topic is to “revise”


For that reason, I’d like to share one of their revisions with you…Minty Meets Her Massa: A My First Slavery Book.

Minty has already been featured on The Huffington Post.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 4.47.03 PM

It’s making a run on Funny Or Die too! So help us out by watching and sharing.

Talk to you all soon!