It’s been quite a hiatus for since my last post. The transition from Alabama to California was pretty grueling. Thirty-six hours and two thousand miles later I made it into Lancaster, CA. I’m staying with family until I can find a suitable apartment in the Los Angeles area. I’ll also be driving into LA for my Funny or Die internship interview in a few days. This does not even factor in USC. I may have an opportunity to begin this fall instead of spring semester, but it is still uncertain.

This has been an amazingly, nerve-wracking transition in my life. I’m ready for a new beginning, but the uncertainty of my future always leaves me anxious to create achieve my goals. Good news is on the horizon nonetheless!

The Que The Light’s Lenovo Seize The Night Alternative Ending Video is now up! Campus Moviefest chose 15 filmmakers from their Distinguished Filmmaker’s Network to produce Alternate Endings to Lenovo’s Seize The Night Short Film. Lenovo is the 2nd largest PC vendor, and a powerful company rising in the ranks of technological relevance.

They gave me under two weeks to gather my crew, actors, shoot, and edit the entire film. Thanks to the help of a great cast, crew, and The Telecommunications and Film Department at UA we were able to finish everything with time to spare. Check it out.

Lenovo Seize The Night Alternative Ending – DO

The concept was inspired by the ongoing debate of Occupy Wall Street and the concept of The 99% and 1%. I wanted to convey the idea of dissemination of information enlightening those who are able to solve our current economic disparity. The original concept was too ambitious to fit into two minutes, so I decided to represent it through the virtual outspread of the word “DO.” Do would embody the necessity of change in our society through whatever means possible. The main protagonists would virally spread this message of hope across the world while presenting to the kind of people who could fix it.

The entire video encapsulates the symbolism by highlighting the battery life beginning at 99% at the start of the video and ending at 1%. This would serve two purposes, highlighting the Lenovo Ultrabook laptop and further representing my original inspiration.

Let me know what you think. You can also watch behind the scenes production of the video too!

Be sure to share the video as much as possible! If I get the most views I can win $15,000. Wish us luck!