First, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who supports the site and the work I’ve done as a filmmaker. The amount of people who helped me during the Lenovo contest was absolutely overwhelming. Frankly, I’ve been in numerous view based competitions and it’s hard to sustain your film’s presence without annoying your virtual community base. There is only so many times you can tweet, post, or message a person with your film before they just don’t respond.

Still, the backing I received from Alabama alumni, friends, acquaintances, and film fanatics was astounding. It’s amazing feeling when you know people who’ve seen your work enthusiastically support simply because they believe in you. That’s true gratification.

We ended up receiving some great features on other sites as well!

The F-Stoppers feature was huge! Without their support we wouldn’t have even placed. also took out the time to feature us on a more educational note.
Of course I had to mention the competition as a part of my guest post series on The Nu Black
The biggest push definitely came from twitter though. Well known tech master Thomas Clifford was a huge help along with many current undergraduate University of Alabama students. It was a huge effort and I’m happy people willingly supported.
Unfortunately, we came in 3rd place at the end of the competition. Third place stills nets us a substantial prize, but nothing compares to the $15,000 the first place winners Critical Mass received. I still count this a blessing nonetheless. I was given the privilege to direct a great commercial/film for a well-known company, and work with some of the best film production students in the South. If you haven’t seen the Lenovo video check it out now.
Being a graduate student at USC’s film program has not been easy. At this point I’m positive our schedule is set up chaotically to test our endurance as filmmakers and individuals in general. It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve learned you have to sacrifice (especially sleep) to achieve. This will not change!
Be on the lookout for more updates on films I’ve worked on soon. Till then be sure to follow us on twitter @QueTheLights!