Flying High is an animated series about Gil, a chubby, worrisome tuna, adopted into a family of flying fish, who just wants to fit in.



Fitting in is never easy. Just ask Gil, the chubby tuna fish adopted into a family of flying fish. Gil desperately wants to gel into a community never meant for him. His desire for acceptance leads him to embark on wacky adventures that get everyone in trouble. Thank goodness he has his friends, Puff, a peace and Zen puffer fish who goes off the handle when you mess with her, and Mullet, a know-it-all flathead grey mullet fish with a penchant for mischief, to save him.


Flying High explores what it means to be an “outcast” and how this leads many to yearn for acceptance.


GIL– A chubby, caring, worrisome, but energetic tuna fish who wants to fit in.

Gil is a chubby tuna fish adopted into a family of flying fish, after he lost his family in a shark attack. He’s an oddity around flying fish, making him an easy target for ridicule, especially by his older, adopted brother, Jaw. He wants to fit in desperately, and he’s willing to do antics that put him, and his friends, in peril.

KIP – A beautiful, high soaring, and popular flying fish whose easily swayed by the crowd.

Kip is Gil’s second oldest brother. He’s also sleek and slim, perfect for soaring, and dashingly handsome. Kip can be narcissistic, and oblivious. He also doesn’t stand up to Jaw like he should. He cares for Gil, but leaves him hanging, a lot.

JAW– A loud, blunt, grumpy, and no-nonsense flying fish too hard headed to listen to others.

PUFF– A timid, quiet, and reserved puffer fish…until you get her angry.

Puff is Gil’s best oldest friend. In her non-puffed form, she’s calm and cool. When she’s angry and puffed up, it’s best to get out of her way. She knows Gil has major insecurities about how he stands out, and does her best to protect him. She’s also the one always getting him out of trouble.

MULLET– A smart, sneaky, and mischievous flathead grey mullet fish who always gets Gil in trouble.

Mullet’s the genius of the crew, always able to figure out a situation no matter how bad Gil gets them in trouble. He’s a jerk, looking down on other fish who aren’t as smart as him. That’s why his only friends are Puff and Gil. Still, he’s the one that usually eggs Gil on to make bad decisions.

Pilot Episode Synopsis

On a sunny day in the ocean, Gil desperately tries to keep with his flying fish brigade. Jaw tells him to give up, he’ll never be like them. Kip tries to cheer Gil up, but gets called back to the group. Gil slinks away, where his best friends, Puff and Mullet, console him.

A flying fish bursts into Puff’s home to tell him Kip, and his flying fish brethren, have been captured by The Great Net. Gil, Puff, and Mullet race to the scene where we learn The Great Net, is a fisherman’s boat, who has cast out its net around Coral Cove.

Jaw isn’t trapped, but he can’t rip the net. Mullet realizes they have to hit the lever on the boat to save everyone. Jaw rockets out of the water towards the boat, and hits the lever, but flops off it. He’s not big enough to move it.

Mullet tells Gil he’s the only one who can move the lever. Gil backs up, gets a speeding start, and soars into the air. The only problem, he’s too big! He’s heading straight into the side of the boat!

Puff sees the dilemma. She leaps into the air and puffs up, hitting Gil with her quills. In a flash of pain, Gil skyrockets over the top of the bat, hitting the fisherman, then the lever. The net falls down, and captured fish escape.

Gil’s on the boat, gasping for air. The fisherman, having lost his catch, throws Gil back into the ocean. All the fish gather around Gil. He’s…dead. They mourn.

Then Gil pops up, alive! Everyone cheers. Jaw allows Gil to lead the flying fish in their swim and soar, this one time, in gratitude.

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