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Tina And The Gucci Flip Flop Kickstarter

THE INTRODUCTION What's up everybody! My name is Xavier Burgin! I'm a writer, director, and storyteller hailing from USC School of Cinematic Arts. My films have been accepted to The Student Academy Awards, HBO, and SAG-AFTRA Short Film Foundation. I'm a Sundance Lab Fellow, Ryan Murphy (Glee, Scream Queens) Television Half Foundation Fellow,  Project G[...]

Mr. Hall's Interview - A Short About Hiring Discrimination

Dan Hall, an African-American war veteran, goes in for an interview for an account position at a firm. In 2016, African-American people of all walks of life still find themselves disproportionately affected by discrimination in the workplace. While it is illegal to discriminate, employers know how to avoid African-Americans without blatantly breaking th[...]