Thank You Dr.Pepper

Click to vote here: I have great news! Recently, I received a $2500 scholarship from Dr.Pepper. They called me a week ago to congratulate me for my Dr. Pepper Tuition Video, I Want To Be A Filmmaker. Now, I'm in a contest with nine other participants to compete for a $100,000 scholarship. So I need everyone's hel[...]

I Want To Be a Filmmaker

I'm now a little over half-way through my first semester at USC's Cinematic Arts Program. I can't even begin to describe how nerve-wrenching this journey has been. I finished up my first film project at USC  (which I'll post to the website at a later date), and I'm now working on the the second, and final project for the semester. Honestly, I've always kn[...]

The Bridge

Que The Light is going to Sidewalk. During my last semester at Alabama I took a year long class known as, Documenting Justice. The course was grueling. It was the most challenging film course I took during my undergraduate. This stemmed from the gruff, yet honest nature of my professor, Andrew Grace. Andy pushed us. He constantly emphasized humanity ove[...]