The Wedding of Joseph and Brittany Bradley

August 24th represents the beginning of my last year at The University of Alabama. I'd be lying if I said the anticipation of graduating isn't haunting my brain. I'm ready and it seems like everyone around me can tell. Still, I take a step back every day and remind myself to treat life like a winding stairwell, one foot at a time. I'm looking towards the fu[...]

I Can't Give You, What I Don't Got!

A while back I got the chance to work with native Birmingham group, Dat2. Dat2 is a hip-hop collective consisting of Thad Weller, Mario Leonard, Dave Johnson, and Squeeze (you wish you had a nickname that awesome). Their sound is fast-paced blend of hip-hop, rock, and soul. What really made them stand out in my opinion, was there use of live band in their r[...]